Daily Archives: June 15, 2017

Sangha notes for 6-12-17

An excerpt from Nothing Special, Living Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck:
“Historically Zen practice and most other meditative disciplines have sought to resolve the conflict of subject-object dualism by emptying the object of all content. … [But] a hidden subject remains, observing a virtually blank object. … A clearer practice does not try to get rid of the object, but rather sees the object for what it is. We slowly learn about being or experiencing in which there is no subject or object at all. We do not eliminate anything, but rather bring things together. There’s still me and there’s still you, but when I am just my experience of you, I don’t feel separate from you, I am one with you.”

Sangha notes for 6-5-17

An excerpt from The Zen Teachings of Huang Po:
“Even after aeons of diligent searching, you will not be able to find the way. The methods [of Zen] cannot be compared to the sudden elimination of conceptual thought, in the certain knowledge that there is nothing at all which has absolute existence, nothing on which to lay hold, nothing on which to rely, nothing in which to abide, nothing subjective or objective. It is by preventing the rise of conceptual thought that you will realize Bodhi. And when you do, you will be just realizing the Buddha who has always existed in your own mind. “