Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

Sangha notes for 7-3-17

An excerpt from The Zen Teachings of Huang-Po, On the Transmission of Mind:
“All the qualities typified by the great Bodhisattvas are inherent in men and are not to be separated from the One Mind. Awake to it, and it is there. You students of the way who do not awake to this in your own minds and who are attached to appearances and who seek for something objective outside your own minds, have all turned your backs on the Way.”

Sangha notes for 6-26-17

Steve shared an excerpt from Nothing Special, Living Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck:
“Who is it that you cannot forgive? Each of us has a list which may include ourselves (often the hardest one to forgive) as well as events, institutions and groups.
Isn’t it natural that we should feel this way about a person or event that has injured us, perhaps severely and irrevocably? From an ordinary standpoint the answer is yes. From a practice standpoint the answer is no. We need to vow: I will forgive, even if it takes me a lifetime of practice. Why such a strong statement?
The quality of our whole life is on the line. Failing to grasp the importance of forgiveness is always a part of any failing relationship and a factor in our anxieties, depressions and illnesses – in all our troubles. Our failure to know joy is a direct reflection of our inability to forgive.”