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Sangha notes for 10-30-17

An excerpt from The Eight Gates of Zen By John Daido Loori:
“Dogen uses the example of Hsueh-feng as tenzo at Te-shan’s monastery: One day Hsueh-feng was washing the rice. Te-shan said to him ‘Do you wash the sand away from the rice or the rice away from the sand?’ This is a teaching about duality – about the absolute and relative, good and bad, heaven and earth, man and woman. Dogen constantly addressed these dualities in terms of everyday affairs: rice and sand, purity and impurity. Hsueh-feng said ‘I wash both rice and sand away at the same time.’ Hsueh-feng shows a side of [the bowl]. ‘Then what will the assembly eat?’ Te-shang brings up the other side. Hsueh-feng covered the rice washing bowl with his body. Te-shan said, ‘Some day you will be a great teacher’ and left.”

Sangha notes for 10-23-17

An excerpt from “Nothing Special” by Charlotte Joko Beck:
“When we’re engaged in pure activity, we’re a presence, an awareness. But that’s all we are. And that doesn’t feel like anything. People feel that the so called enlightened state is flooded with emotional and loving feelings. But true love or compassion is simply to be nonseparate fron the object. Essentially, it’s a flow of activity in which we do not exist as a being separate from our activity.”

Sangha notes for 10-16-17

From The Zen Teaching of Huang Po, On the Transmission of Mind, translated by John Blofeld:
“All the qualities typified by the great Bodhisattvas are inherent in men and are not to be separated from the One Mind. Awake to it and it is there. You students of the way who do not awake to this in your own and are attached to appearances and who seek for something objective outside your minds, have all turned your backs on the Way.”