Sangha notes for 1-15-18

Sangha notes for 1-15-18: An excerpt from a Dharma talk given by Zen Master Dae Gak on Nov 13th, 2010:
“The teaching of tariki … is that it is by the grace of Amitabha that spiritual realization is attained. Self can never overcome itself and so awakening must be by a power or cause other than self interest. This is not meant as a moral judgement, but more as a statement of the human condition as ego dominated. We are so ego dominated that we think we can do a few spiritual gymnastics or go to a workshop or two and become enlightened saints free from all suffering. So the tariki perspective is, “Not by my will, but by thy will.” Anything else would be like trying to fix the self with personal effort, and this is like trying to sober up by drinking more alcohol.”