Sangha notes for 10-30-17

An excerpt from The Eight Gates of Zen By John Daido Loori:
“Dogen uses the example of Hsueh-feng as tenzo at Te-shan’s monastery: One day Hsueh-feng was washing the rice. Te-shan said to him ‘Do you wash the sand away from the rice or the rice away from the sand?’ This is a teaching about duality – about the absolute and relative, good and bad, heaven and earth, man and woman. Dogen constantly addressed these dualities in terms of everyday affairs: rice and sand, purity and impurity. Hsueh-feng said ‘I wash both rice and sand away at the same time.’ Hsueh-feng shows a side of [the bowl]. ‘Then what will the assembly eat?’ Te-shang brings up the other side. Hsueh-feng covered the rice washing bowl with his body. Te-shan said, ‘Some day you will be a great teacher’ and left.”