Sangha notes for 2-5-18

An excerpt from a dharma talk given by Zen Master Dae Gak at Furnace Mountain in March, 2010:
“If we dig deeply enough, if we scratch the surface of our own consciousness deeply enough, we know that the only true route to saving the world is realization in the body of the one who is reading these words. There is no doing anything about. What allows prejudice-free relationship is realization in this very body.The activity of practice is to be that and the being that is being the entire world and it can’t be touched by the linear mind that says how can that happen and what about all the crime and evil and child abuse and slavery, etc. That is the mind of utopian hope which still believes in self verses other. To touch what is below that is the only refuge possible and it is our birthright. it doesn’t come to you because you were born into a particular class, culture, race, gender, intelligence, alert sensitive capacity; it is everyone’s birthright as a human being. It does not come to you through great effort. Who could control a mind that has no substance? Where would you put it in a consciousness that has no place? What could you do to bring it about when at it’s core there is no time? It is not dependent on any belief whatsoever. You can call it any name you want and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t depend on any belonging whatsoever, belonging to this group versus that group, doing this set of rituals versus those sets of rituals. It doesn’t depend upon any agreement. It doesn’t depend upon any likeability and it doesn’t depend upon any feeling state that we could have. It is not dependent upon anything. It doesn’t arise and it doesn’t cease and it cannot be brought about. It is our birthright and it is the birthright of everything that comes into existence. That which is born can awaken.”