Sangha notes for 3-20-17

Steve read from Enlightenment Unfolds, The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Dogen, edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi:
[“Nanyue…went to study with Huineng, the Sixth Ancestor, and was his attendant for fifteen years. He received the way and the craft,
just like receiving a vessel of water from another.”]
“There must have been a lot of hardship during the wind and frost of those fifteen years. In spite of it Nanyue single-heartedly pursued
his investigation. This is a mirror for later generations. Without charcoal in the cold stove, he slept alone in an empty hall. Without lamplight
on summer evenings, he sat at a window by himself. Not having one piece of knowledge or a half of understanding, he reached the place of
no effort, going beyond study. This is no other than continuous practice. As Nanyue had subtly abandoned greed for name and love for gain,
he simply accumulated the power of continuous practice day by day. You should not forget the meaning of this. His statement to Huineng,
‘Speaking about it won’t hit the mark,’…. Such continuous practice is rare throughout past and present, aspired to by those who are wise
and those who are not.”