Sangha notes for 3-27-17

Steve read from an article by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, “Love and Compassion in Meditation and in Action,”
in Parabola, Volume 41, No. 4, Winter 2016-2017:
“In the teachings of the Buddha, love and compassion are regarded as the foundation of ethics and important criteria of
right speech and right action. They are also qualities to be developed by meditation. The Buddhists texts call love and compassion
brahmavihara, “divine abodes,” for they manifest our inherent divinity even while we dwell in a human body. For Buddhism love and
compassion should be balanced by wisdom and insight into the real nature of things…. The meditative practices of love and
compassion purify the mind of constricting emotions [such] as resentment, ill will, anger, and callous indifference, which cause misery
for ourselves and others. These [practices] promote harmony and break down the barriers that confine us in the prison cage
of ego. By developing love and compassion, our hearts can expand and radiate immeasurable good will to everyone we meet.”