Sangha notes for 4-10-17

An excerpt from True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh:
“In meditation we act according to the principle of nonviolence. This is because I know that I am happiness and that I am also suffering, That I am understanding and I am also ignorance. For this reason, I must take care of both these aspects. I must not discriminate against one of them. I must not suppress one in favor of the other. I know that each of them is vitally necessary for the other. The Buddha tells us that, ‘If this exists, that exists.’ This exists because that exists. So there should be no conflict, no violence, between one element of our being and another element of our being. There should only be an effort of taking care and being able to transform. So we must have a nonviolent attitude in regard to our suffering, our pain. We must take care of our suffering the way we would take care of our own baby.”