Sangha notes for 4-3-17

Greg read a passage from The Zen Teaching of Huang Po, translated by John Blofeld:
“Q: If there is nothing on which to lay hold, how is the Dharma to be transmitted?
A: It is a transmission of Mind with Mind.
Q: If Mind is used for transmission, why do you say that Mind too does not exist?
A: Obtaining no Dharma whatever is called Mind transmission. The understanding of this Mind
implies no Mind and no Dharma.
Q: If there is no Mind and no Dharma, what is meant by transmission?
A: You hear people speak of Mind transmission and then you talk of something to be received.
So Bodhidharma said: ‘The nature of the Mind when understood,
No human speech can compass or disclose.
Enlightenment is naught to be attained,
And he that gains it does not say he knows.’
Q: Surely the void stretching out in front of our eyes is objective. Then aren’t you pointing to
something objective and seeing Mind in it?
A: What sort of Mind could I tell you to see in an objective environment? Even if you could
see it, it would only be Mind reflected in an objective sphere. You would be like a man
looking at his face in a mirror; though you could distinguish your features in it clearly,
you would still be looking at a mere reflection. What bearing has this on the affair
that brought you to me?”