Sangha notes for 6-19-17

Greg read an excerpt from No Beginning, No End (The Intimate Heart of Zen) by Jakusho Kwong:
“In your Zazen practice you will see the thinking mind spin, spin, spin, and the Big Mind will just watch it spin. That may be something new for some of you, and it’s a very interesting phenomenon. The Big Mind will watch it, but since its nature is immovable, it won’t spin with it. This reminds me of the poem by Wanshi in which he alludes to the empty nature and function of this Big Self. The last four lines are very beautiful,
and each one sparkles like the separate facets of one translucent diamond. These lines come from Wanshi’s poem, Acupuncture Needle of Zazen:
‘The water is clear right down
to the bottom.
Fish swim lazily on.
The sky is vast without end.
Birds fly far into the distance.’ ”